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Who We Are

Bennett, Clayton 919-934-2864
Flanagan, Frank 703-754-4537
Humphries, Ray 703-830-0283
Keen, Don 703-754-8917
Perry, Chris 571-278-7293
Roper, Kenneth 571-229-9300
Pastor James 571-237-6284

Perry, Chris 571-278-7293

Music Ministry and Choir- Songs
Chris Perry, Delores Roper, and Pastor James

Our History

The history of the beginnings of our church and how God inspired us in love and to be where we are today. Please join us in our growth as we continue to do his will...

Victory Gospel Church was the beginning of a great and growing vision to see souls saved, people healed and delivered, to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to be a lighthouse to a lost and dying world. It was started as a Bible believing church, using only the King James Version Bible, and a love walk that is found in few churches today.

Douglas and Cathy Mullins felt compelled of the Lord to stop running from the call of the ministry upon their lives and started the church on October 3, 1993.

The first service was held in a Christian School owned by Cliff Barker. That morning we had seven people in service. We asked if we could rent his facility for awhile until we could find a meeting place. Cliff Barker did not charge us any rent at all. The following week the number of people was doubled and the church was called "The Fountain of Life Church"

James Bowers accepted the positions as teacher and deacon at The Fountain of Life Church on September 30, 1993 at the Thursday Night Bible Study. Upon arriving home that evening, Pastor Doug Mullins called James and announced that God had told him that he was a start of a new work. James called Pastor Clark of The Fountain of Life Church and told him what had just transpired and that he would resign the position of teacher and deacon that he had just a few short hours ago accepted. He informed the pastor of his commitment to Pastor Doug Mullins if he was to ever start a church.

A few days later, Pastor Clark contacted James Bowers and told him that The Fountain of Life Church was closing the doors of the church and asked if Victory Gospel Church would be interested in renting the building. This was on October 31, 1993 and in November we moved in, and started tearing out walls, seeing the vision God had for our church.

Victory Gospel Church rented the building for about one year and the owner decided to sell. We decided to purchase it. Next door to the building was acreage we tried to purchase so we could plan to build. The family was not interested in selling. In faith, we placed a large sign that read "FUTURE HOME OF VICTORY GOSPEL CHURCH". Within three months the family decided to sell and told Victory Gospel Church they felt like we were to purchase this property and build a church.

Thus, the building program began. Victory Gospel Church began to grow. Classes were formed. Bible studies, music, and all the necessities of a church began. Pastor Doug Mullins was in the beginning of the building program and it was not easy; and it did not happen overnight. However, the Lord watched over our endeavor. Pastor Doug Mullins had health problems and left the church after 11 years. Pastor James Bowers was their to fill the shoes and had been in the building program to the end. The first building permit was pulled in June of 1996, less than three years after God formed the ministry; the Final Occupancy Permit was issued in July of 2007, eleven years and one month after the new building program was started.

Most of the work on the building had been done without the benefit of a construction loan. The first loan to complete the building was with Fauquier Bank, but there were many issues attached.

Eighteen months later Marshall National Bank & Trust refinanced that loan with enough money to finish the building and do all of the extra things that we wanted to do. Praise the Lord! The bank worked with us and showed such a wonderful willingness to help the church. We will always be thankful for John Peavley and Angie Dickerson who worked with us from day one to make this vision happen. Even though it took so long to complete the building, it was in God's time. God had truly blessed our church and our community.

Victory Gospel Church had continued to grow, even more, with new converts coming in. We have seen a lot of people come and go, but God has everything under control. He knows the faithfulness of his people. As we continue to grow, and as God adds to the church daily, we will see this ministry touch people in every corner of the world.

On August 26, 2007 we dedicated this building to God for his eternal purpose. Pastor James and Linda Bowers wish to thank everyone for their hard work and faithfulness in the building program. We look forward to the continued growth of God's Kingdom.

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